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Zambia Map
Zambia Map

The phrase "Zambia: the real Africa" is very appropriate. It is unspoiled, unpackaged and still unknown to the common tourist. It offers the best of wild Africa and was the birthplace of the walking safaris for which it is still renowned.

Zambia gives an authentic taste of what the whole continent was like: wild, beautiful and a bit unpredictable. It is one of Africa's vast sprawling countries with most of its population concentrated around its main cities. This has permitted the creation of vast National Parks which cover one fifth of the country's territory. There are four areas of the country that stand out for their unique characteristics and outstanding beauty.

Zambia's premier National Park, the South Luangwa, (9,050 km sq.) is set in the valley by the same name in a particular eco-system created by the many ox-bow lagoons along the river, it supports one of the highest densities of wild life on the continent. Here we find the unique Thornicroft Giraffe.

The Kafue National Park is a classic example of uncontaminated wilderness of 22,400km sq. placing it amongst the world's biggest parks. It offers a huge variation of animals, some of which like the Red Lechwe are unique to it. Its size ensures a rich variation of habitat, from the flood plains to the rolling hills of the Central African Plateau.

In the Lower Zambezi valley, almost from the confluence of the Kafue River to the confluents of the Luangwa River lies the Lower Zambezi National Park. This isolated and exotic park offers a great variation of fauna and bird life in a spectacular majestic setting on one of the world's great rivers flowing peacefully towards the sea.

Livingstone, once the colonial capital of the country and now a sleepy little town is becoming a hive of activities around the great Victoria Falls, one of the world's seven natural wonders. The area offers activities from elephant safaris to helicopter rides over the falls and white water rafting. But just out of the town it also offers remote lovely lodges and camps where one can take in the scenery that has not changed much since Dr. Livingstone's first visit but without having to experience the hardships he had to undergo.