Zambia - The Lower Zambezi

This area is still unspoiled as it is new to tourism and is afforded a high level of protection from the Zambian Government and the local tour operators.

It was only declared a National Park in 1983. Only licensed operators may conduct safaris in the area, and only the few lodges situated within the Park may conduct river and canoeing trips there.

Visitors to the Park are thus assured of seeing very little human activity. With over 300 bird species, lion, leopard, vast herds of elephant and buffalo, prolific hippo, gigantic baobab trees and magnificent stands of acacia, the Lower Zambezi National Park have become one of Africa's most exclusive safari destinations.

Situated on the banks of the Zambezi River in the southeastern part of Zambia, opposite Zimbabwe's Manna Pools National Park, the Lower Zambezi National Park occupies 4092 sq. kms, with 120 km of river frontage. The legendary Zambezi River is in itself a spectacle and is the namesake of this pristine wilderness.

Along its 2,700km course, the Zambezi fertilises the Barotse floodplains, plunges over the Victoria Falls and replenishes the massive Lake Kariba before reaching the Lower Zambezi. Here, a myriad of islands have formed, creating a home and feeding ground for an incredible amount of diverse wildlife.